Nagayu Skin Treatment               £7

Japanese Co2 Skin Treatment that increases blood flow and can help with many skin problems. 

Doggy Facial                              £8

Tear Free and PH balanced Facial Scrub and Tear Treatment containing extracts of Green Tea and Botanicals. It removes dirt and discolourations from face and ears. 

Treatment finished off with Hemp Nose Balm. 

Pawdicure                                   £8

A Foot and Nail Scrub to kill germs and bacteria, nails clipped, paw massaged with Paw Balm containing Sweet Almond Oil and Frankincense.

Purifying Scrub and Massage     £8

Charcoal, Sandalwood and Lavender to remove impurities from the coat. 

Deep Conditioning Masque        £8

All Natural Intensive Conditioning and Repair Treatment fragranced with Lily of the Valley, Orange Essential Oils and Amber. It will reduce brittleness and breakage and soothe dry irritated skin. 

Bugs Away                                 £5

All Natural Anti-Flea Shampoo combining Peppermint and Lavender to help deter fleas, flies, ticks and mites finished off with an all-natural PH balanced Bug Repellent. 

Fresh Breath                              £5

Teeth Clean and Fresh Breath Gel to help remove plaque, tartar and freshen the breath. 


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